CtOS Enabler

a standard
for geolocation

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CtOS Enabler is a service in the Cloud that eases integrating geolocation in mobile apps and generates very useful statistical data for businesses.

The growth in smartphones use and geolocated technologies opens a new road of very useful information which can provide a very enriching point of view. CtOS Enabler allows to transform this unused data into valuable information.

It is based in precise data mining technology and geared for both developers and companies.

Transform geolocation data into useful information

The market growth for mobile apps that use geolocation propitiates the existence of platforms in the Cloud which reduce the complexity and development time of these apps, taking all the workload related to geolocation.

Likewise, nowadays, we witness a constant increase in the use of Internet and mobile devices apps, which generate a great quantity of data and consumer information that is being wasted, and that would allow businesses to know better their clients and their own company.

For companies which have an application that uses geolocation, CtOS Enabler works as a business intelligence system that allows companies to readjust their business. CtOS Enabler achieves this by obtaining personalized use statistics of their applications and also provides an easy graphical panel to handle areas of influence and geolocated data inside them.

For app developers who use geolocation, CtOS Enabler offers a set of tools easy to integrate in their systems that allow an agile and fast development with a wide variety of geolocation functionalities, adding value to their product.

CtOS Enabler map zones

Interaction zones

Definition of geographical areas
Define on the map the interaction areas and place in them customizable information. The system will focus on these areas, gathering information and interacting with users who enter the limits.
CtOS Enabler console info

Extract useful information

Data mining techniques
From all the gathered data, CtOS Enabler helps you extract useful information that can be used for further purposes. This extracted information is presented in a simple and statistical manner, to be easily understood.
CtOS Enabler mobile device

Portable & scalable

Platform as a Service
CtOS Enabler works as a PaaS that can be integrated in any platform which uses geolocation. It also allows scalability without any modifications.