Let the worldbe your gameboard

Map of History,
an augmented reality videogame
where the real world is your gameboard

Map of History, or MoH for friends, is a mobile videogame born from the idea to make use of the biggest board there is: the real world.

The game provides you with a map and an augmented reality overlay of clues you have to follow in order to complete the mission. These clues are placed in specific hotspots that you’ll have to figure out walking around the city.

We have created so far two versions of the game, located in specific cities, but stay tuned because something bigger is coming...

Tiempo de San Lorenzo

Location: San Lorenzo de El Escorial

Duration: Permanent

Tiempo de San Lorenzo is a MoH adventure based on the famous RTVE TV show El Ministerio del Tiempo. Your mission is to travel in time to prevent the bad guys from changing history.


Post Fata Resurgo

Location: Leal Villa de El Escorial

Duration: July 2015

Post Fata Resurgo is a MoH adventure based on Ubisoft’s game Assassin’s Creed. Your goal is to follow the clues, speak with locals, and do whatever necessary to complete all missions assigned.


Navigate the world

Field of view

Walk around the city to find the hidden clues.

The app will take care of geopositioning and it will show you if there is anything interesting in your surrounding area. Press scan when you think you are close!

Collect items

Smart storage

Every clue that you discover and every item you collect will allow you to go further in the game and reach new targets.

Extract useful information

Data mining techniques

From all the gathered data, CtOS Enabler helps you extract useful information that can be used for further purposes. This extracted information is presented in a simple and statistical manner, to be easily understood.

Guess the next location

Game story

In both Map of History adventures, there is a built in narrative that makes the player live the story.

Of course, to guess the location of the next clue, in-game and off-game habilities are required.

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