car that
the cradle

Max Motor Dreams

a cradle that conveys
the movement
of a car

#raspberry_pi #python #ios

Max Motor Dreams is a project that reunites software and hardware to create a cradle that conveys the feeling of a car moving. This way, your baby can go to sleep as easy and comfortable as if it was in the car.

Using motors connected to a Raspberry Pi that controls the cradle movement, and an app designed and developed to record the trips, we have created a system that processes the travel data and replicates it into information the cradle understands.

Using technology to make life easier

Max Motor Dreams app home screen

Choose what you want to control

Dynamixel motors integrated with Raspberry Pi
Manage from the app the cradle movement, in live mode or playing a recorded trip. Raspberry Pi includes a Python (Django) server that takes care of linking everything together, making it easy to manage the whole system from the app.
Max Motor Dreams app recording screen

Record a trip

Converting movement data to useful information
Record a trip while you are in the car so you can play it later in the cradle. We take care of converting the movement data the phone gathers to information the cradle can understand.
Max Motor Dreams app lighting control screen

Play with lighting

LED Lights integrated with Raspberry Pi
Choose the lights color and effects from the app to make the ride even more alike to the real trip.