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Wakkap is an online video game trading platform between players. It is especially designed as a secure spot to sell and buy videogames for all platforms.

Anyone can sign up in the platform and sell selecting from the huge database that Wakkap has. In a simple process, an offer can be made and the seller does not have to take the game anywhere, Wakkap has integrated payment and pick up APIs to make the experience the most comfortable possible. For buyers, it is also very easy. Anyone registered can buy a game, choosing by price and status, and the game goes directly delivered to the buyer’s address.

Wakkap Game Screen

Much more than a web platform

Wakkap Home Screen

Smart search

MongoDB integration
Search for the game that you want in a smart way. Wakkap provides an enormous database with almost every game classified by platform. If you do not find yours, say it and we will include it.

Fully responsive

Navigate from desktop, tablet or mobile
You can access Wakkap from the device of your choosing. Wakkap performs in a fully responsive mode making it easy and comfortable to navigate through the platform in any device.

Secure payments

Online payments integration
Payments are handled via multiple providers (Paypal, Sipay, Aplazame) providing the most secure and transparent process for product payments. Also, Wakkap waits for the buyer to confirm that the game status is accurate to pay the seller, guaranteeing that the process is straight forward for all involved parts.

Fast delivery

Shipment service integration
Pickups and deliveries are also handled online. The seller specifies which pick schedule he prefers and the buyers gets notified of all the shipment process, providing a fast delivery and a comfortable process.

Strong community

Social media integration
Wakkap has a strong community of players who use the platform as a secure place to sell or buy games.